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JavaBits was established in 2016, with a small loan. Our original idea was to make chocolate covered coffee beans, but that was a massive failure. In order to not loose my investment, I thought really hard and came up with the idea to grind the beans and put them into little moulds. Using my last bit of capital, my mom and I came up with a solid recipe and JavaBits became a massive hit.


I never thought JavaBits would become as successful as it is today and bring me so much joy, but my love for coffee and great chocolate did not come easy. In early 2016 I was at my heaviest weight, I worked out, but always ate more than was justified. In an order to fix my weight issue I started looking into Keto diet. The two main things I changed was cutting cream and sugar out of my coffee and starting to eat more dark chocolate than milk chocolate. Both were very challenging, but one thing I love is good challenge.

Growing up in a loving family, my father mostly kept chocolate around the house and I believe this is were my love of chocolate first began. Coffee was a little different though, I didn't start drinking it until I was 24. As I started working 16 hour shifts at a local manufacturing company I would drink coffee to get me through the day. I then moved to a different job, and this is where JavaBits started to form. Falling in love with fresh roasted coffee and a small business loan, my entrepreneur spirit took the opportunity and ran with the idea.

When I recieved the initial loan, I put almost all of my money into equipment, and quality product development. Being new to the chocolate and coffee industry, the equipment I bought, even after doing my research, failed to work with the climate of deep south. So I spent my last $300, based souly on another idea that can make Javabits work. Instead of making the same unique chocolate covered coffee beans, that you see in the stores today, I decided to ground them up and mold them into chocolate pieces. This is where JavaBits really came alive, it always seems to be in your last ditch effort that amazing things happen. Crazy how life works.

After a few trial and errors I started perfecting the recipe and slowly started getting into local farmers markets around the area. Seeing that I had a good product and could have success with it, while also making instant connections JavaBits has evolved into the small business it is today. You can find JavaBits in nine locations across the Gulf Coast, and growing. We work with retail locations, distribution channels, as well as wedding venues, and corporate businesses for conventions.


I hope to one day be able to do this full time and support my family with JavaBits. I also have big dreams for helping the world around me, and JavaBits can make this all possible.


                                                                                                                 Cory Landry


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